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We are a company established in UAE Dubai & Romania . We are now in The Netherlands, U.S.A. Houston and  San Francisco, England (UK) and Ukraine.
After great success, we extended the business to include Oil, Fuel trading, LPG products, Fuel Storage and Shipping . We are working in joint ventures with refineries and professional oil trading companies, manufacturers World Wide.
We will find good solutions in our business dealings, and – as our Logo says :
Business Strategy:
The company’s business strategy is about growth and expansion in a responsible and sustainable manner. It requires The Simpatrans Group to deliver financial returns and address reputational and sustainability issues in a transparent, open and efficient manner.

Addressing sustainability and reputational issues means enhancing The Simpatrans Group relationships with host governments, project partners and local communities, building stakeholder confidence in the company’s business model, and ensuring The Simpatrans Group activities contribute positively to the livelihoods of both present and future generations.

Simpatrans Oil & Gas